Conner Clifton

Audio, Video and the Written Word

Current Projects

Effin' Rager - An experimental talk show that I host with Ned Gayle on Twitch.
Previously hosted on KPFT, Houston Pacifica Radio

You Now Have The Floor - A stage show I produce and host that takes place in the fictional town hall meetings of the fictional town of Hosewater, TX.

Is That A Foul? - A sports podcast for people who don't know anything about sports! I host this with Cody Edgar.


Vampires - July 16th, 2013

In My Day: Teenagers Are Taking This World for Granted! - May 1, 2019

Ask A White Dude: Finally, A White Man’s Perspective - April 23, 2019

Gusty Hardwell: Private Eye - Ongoing

Radio Work

The Art of Making Comics w/ Scott McCloud - Sound Portrait

The Art of Building an Art Car - Sound Portrait

LARPers of Montrose - Long Form Piece

What Does it Take to Grow a Championship Beard or Mustache? - Long Form Piece

Latino USA - Gathered audio and conducted interviews.

Sound Opinions - Gathered audio and conducted interviews for the Rock Doctors segment.


Bus Ride Simulator - A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style browser game about the thrilling world of public transportation.

Record Bleach - A tool designed to let Harris County residents know if they qualify for expunging their criminal records. I contributed to front-end functionality and wrote the entire glossary.
This won “Most Technical Difficulty” from the Tech For Justice Hackathon!


Email cliftonconner (at) Github @cclifto Twitter @cliftocurrency Instagram @cliftocurrency Twitch Effin' Rager